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The baseball field is divided into inside field and outside field. The inside field is also called square field. The inside field is composed of two sides of the street outfield in the inner boundary area and the other two sides of the outside boundary area. The size of the inner field is 27.5 x 27.5m. The outer field is fan-shaped. The distance from home plate to the outer field through second base is at least 121.92m, and the unexpected area of the outer field is 18.29m.


Softball is a kind of multi-directional air movement. It is also divided into inside field and outside field. The size of inside field is 27.5 x 27.5m, and the outside field is fan-shaped. The radius of the outside field is R=61-70m, and the area within the fence of 7.62m outside the field and the two sides.



Level Use function Lux(lx) Illuminance uniformity
Eh Evmai Evaux Uh Uvmin Uvaux
U1 U2 U1 U2 U1 U2
Training and entertainment 300/200 0.3
Amateur competition, professional training 500/300 0.4/0.3 0.6/0.5
Professional competition 750/500 0.5/0.4 0.7/0.6
TV broadcast national and international competitions 1000/750 750/500 0.5/0.4 0.7/0.6 0.4/0.3 0.6/0.5 0.3 0.5/0.4
TV broadcasts major international competitions 1400/1000 1000/750 0.6/0.5 0.8/0.7 0.5/0.3 0.7/0.5 0.3 0.5/0.4
HDTV broadcasts major international competitions 2000/1400 1400/1000 0.7/0.6 0.8/0.8 0.6/0.4 0.7/0.6 0.4/0.3 0.6/0.5
TV emergency 1000/750 0.5/0.4 0.7/0.6 0.4/0.3 0.6/0.5

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The baseball field is divided into inside field and outside field. The inside field is also called square field. The inside field is composed of two sides of the street outfield in the inner boundary area and the other two sides of the outside boundary area. The size of the inner field is 27.5 x 27.5m. The outer field is fan-shaped. The distance from home plate to the outer field through second base is at least 121.92m, and the unexpected area of the outer field is 18.29m.

The lighting standard for softball field and baseball field